TENOS Energy and Agricultural Investment Corporation has started its operation in agriculture with the greenhouse investments at the Demirler village of Fethiye in August 2012. TENOS Energy and Agricultural Investment Corporation grows mainly tomatoes and other seasonal vegetables in 102.000 m2 modern greenhouses on 200.000 m2 land. In addition to greenhouse investments, GEKA (South Aegean Development Agent) funded Vegetable and Fruit Drying Plant has started its operation in September 2013. Every stage of our production is supervised by our agronomists. We prefer to use biological control methods to control pests and bumblebees for pollination to provide more healthy and natural product. Our greenhouses and production have 'National Good Agricultural Practices of Turkey' and GLOBAL GAP (GG) certificates and also computer controlled automation system for irrigation, fertilization and disinfection to avoid over use of fertilizers, fungicides and pesticide. We are exporting our tomatoes mostly to Russian market under our brand name 'NADYA'.

Our aim is to support Good Agricultural Practices to protect our future as increase in agricultural pollution; uncontrolled agricultural practices and irresponsible consumption are threatening our world in these days. TENOS Energy and Argicultural Investment Corporation believes that it is necessary to improve quality and productivity for development of agriculture and our innovative agricultural investments will continue to create a value in the industry.